Crumbs #8 – Trick or Treat

Good evening. You didn’t disappoint! In celebration of the continuation of the reign of Supreme Overlord Obama, and since you’ve all been so well behaved, I’ve prepared a treat.

The treat is a picture of me.

It is not really a treat.

It is also not technically a picture of me.

Basically, despite winning ‘best costume’, I have decided, in my infinite wisdom, that my Hallowe’en costume this year is deserving of international praise.

Here is what the kids call a ‘Gross Portrait of Yourself’, which is appropriate because I went as the Creature From the Black Lagoon, who is indeed gross.

In response to the inevitable questions; yes I did make it myself out of towels and fuzzy foam, and yes, I did say ‘And I would have gotten away with it as well if it weren’t for you meddling kids.’ when I took it off.


Old Man Witherbiscuits.

C'est Moi.


8 thoughts on “Crumbs #8 – Trick or Treat

  1. You have some young looking hands to be an old man. I was pretty proud of my costume too. I threw on a gray dress, stockings, shoes, scarf, bracelet and purse. I was 50 Shades of Gray. (technically six, but it was still clever in my opinion).

  2. So elaborate! How long did this take? Congrats on best costume! My state legalized gay marriage (and marijuana, which is less important so it gets the parentheses). Although I feel entitled to an extra reward, I will accept this because it is wonderful. I didn’t get to do Halloween this year because homework.

  3. Just curious, what are the eyeballs made out of? It looks like styrofoam, though I could be wrong. Good job on making the effort for Halloween. I’m liking the streaming tissue paper you’ve got going on there.

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