Crumbs #7 – Crumbs! (Consider it done!)

I’ve just realised that instead of calling these quickies ‘Quickies’ I could have called them ‘Crumbs’, which would have been a humorous allusion to the ‘Biscuit’ part of my over-considered pun-based blog title, as well as an accurate metaphor for these minimal joke doses and a cheeky nod to the heritage of my particular brand of Brit wit.

I have also realised that by voicing this thought I can’t out it into practice, because then I would have a post called ‘Crumbs #7 – Crumbs!’ and that would make me look like a blithering imbecile.


12 thoughts on “Crumbs #7 – Crumbs! (Consider it done!)

  1. When I “eat” Biscuits I usually get crumbs absolutely everywhere. I’d like to leave my “crumbs” down here in the “your thoughts are always welcome” section. Those Quickies are more like Two-Bite Cookies.

  2. LOL. Too many clever comments already.
    I wanted to say that I’m not getting you in my feed. I’m sure it’s entirely WordPress’s fault. It’ll also not be the first time this has happened to me. GRrrr boohoo. No wonder I haven’t laughed a lot lately 😛

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