Crumbs #4 – The Omen

It is International Kissing Day and I am sat watching a spider eat a daddy-long-legs in the rain.

This is precisely why I don’t believe in fate and signs from the universe.


13 thoughts on “Crumbs #4 – The Omen

  1. Exactly! One day, while wanting to show the little kids some NATURE. I put a Praying Mantis in one of those little cute pkastic cages that had a magnifier in it. I then looked and saw UP CLOSE that the Mantis was chewing on a Rollie Pollie bug as s/he held it like a fricken hamburger. Maybe it was International Kissing Day then!

  2. It was also Chicken and Waffle day. I suggested my husband take the day off of work so we could eat copious amounts of chicken and waffles, then make out like teenagers… Unfortunately, he was repulsed by the idea of chicken and waffles and went to work.

    I was so bummed.

    • How could anyone turn down that proposition!? Is making out like teenagers an obligatory part of Chicken and Waffle day participation? I never get offered to make out like a teenager, not even from teenagers.

      • Hahaha. In fairness, teenagers never ask me to make out either. BUT I see them all the time, free from a care, sucking face on a bench in the park, or in the mall, or well, anywhere really. And I just wanted to have some freaking chicken and waffles and do it up big for national kissing day…

        Some people just don’t know how to have a good time I guess.

      • Kids these days… Such bad manners. Not even asking us if we want to suck their faces. (Excellent choice of words there, I’m adding it to my personal lexicon.)

  3. *grabs a giant vacuum cleaner for all the face-sucking*

    *realizes that none of us are at Comic-Con and dressing up like one of the Ghostbusters was futile*


      • Yes. It will improve the chances of face-suckery. Forget not that Comic-Con is this weekend after all. And by the fact the Internet exists, I’m pretty sure that the Ghostbuster fetish is a real thing. Somewhere. Somewhere I am blissfully unaware of its location. I hope. *gulp*

      • Have you heard of Quantum Fetish Theory? It’s the (hokum) idea that if someone were to list a string of words, one of them being sex, someone somewhere in the world would develop that fetish.

        My friend Simple Joe once tried it out with ‘Goat Mayor Lift Sex’, which is carnal congress in an elevator with a glass door, which rises through several stories, eventually passing a goat who is dressed in a traditional mayor’s outfit. The goat disapproves.

        The theory is sound in that Joe immediately developed this fetish.

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