A Bit of Admin #2 – Old Blogs/New Tricks

I recently dug out my old hard drive, and found a bunch of old blogs. For those who aren’t aware, I started writing two years before I started publishing. This, it turns out, was a damn good thing, as of the eight completed blogs I found, six of them were dreadful beyond salvage. They were mean, snarky, and badly written, so I binned ‘em.

Two of them, however, were perhaps worth another look, so I’ve spruced them up and given them a lick of paint. They are, as I say, two years old, so they’ll be a bit rickety on their spindly legs, and they come from a place of less confidence and security. That said, it would be churlish of me to deny you them; hopefully they’ll still be funny, and will tide you over whilst I work on a much larger series of posts.

The first one details an illness and a misunderstanding, but takes a while to pay off. It’s also vaguely smutty, if you like that sort of thing. (It would seem that the WordPress community does.)

The second involves another awkward situation with a pretty girl on public transport, not to be confused with previous entries.

Also, whilst I’m dealing with Admin, may I just say how excellent you all are? The WordPress community has been good to me and for me, so to readers and followers old and new; high five!


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