A Bit of Admin #1

At this juncture, I would like to thank you all so much for reading what I have to say. I seem to have readers all over the place, and I’d like to thank you all, wherever you are, especially those once-strangers who follow and like my posts. You’re my favourites, and I hope to start interacting with the WordPress community a bit more. Also; a big shout out to the Australians, unless, as I suspect, my ‘Australian fanbase’ is my friend Hairy Brett continuously pressing refresh.

Unfortunately I have now reached the point where everything I had prepared and written has been published, and I must write more. The volume of posts is about to drop considerably.

My friend Simple Joe advised me that, psychologically speaking, if you start a ‘project’, it is a good idea to tell people about it, thus giving yourself another reason to complete it, by not letting them down. This is how I operate all the time, so no worries.

Here is a photograph of my To-Do List for the upcoming week.

To Do List, y'all.

Writing in all caps like Kanye. Who do I think I am? (Not Kanye)

Just so you know that I’m working hard for you. Thank you all, and please feel free to publicise my ramblings if that would please you.


One thought on “A Bit of Admin #1

  1. My good friend, Lace, funneled me to your blog, and I am so glad she did! I have a passion for — nay, obsession with — words (as well as the dramatic for comedic effect), so your clever and humorous musings have become a welcome treat to nosh on in my moments of free time. I really wanted to comment on several posts, but I was afraid I might start looking like a “sex pest”. (Can’t have that, now can we?) Thus, I shall settle for a single, lengthy comment here, where no other comments reside. Of course, knowing the laws of the universe (and parking lots), I can only assume that in my deliberate attempt at isolation, I will be immediately besieged by others. *sigh*


    #1 “Feel my wrath, you twiggy bastard!” I laughed at that in a manner which frightened my dog, who then bumped my hand as I was wiping a completely unrelated tear, which then led to me poking myself in the eye, which led to more tears. I hope you are quite satisfied.

    #2 Sometimes I make obscure references like “Hey, Sanka. Ya dead?” or “Want to kiss my egg?” For some reason, the latter often gets misinterpreted and ends in looks of disdain. Then I just drown in my shame. Pure and utter shame. Good movie though! 😉

    #3 The fact that you’re British only makes me effervesce with more warm fuzzies. I have an affinity for the Beeb and good Brit lit. I hope to make it over yonder someday.

    I think that much babble will suffice. Mostly, I just wanted to say “Hey! Awesome blog. This will be a fun, intelligent read on my lunch and breaks between classes. Thanks for writing it. Cheers from across the pond!”

    End novel.

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