Crumbs #2 – From Whence the Blog gets its Name

Sometimes when I eat a biscuit with my tea I worry whether or not it wants to be eaten. Part of me thinks that it is happy to be eaten because that is it’s job, and everything in life wants to fulfil it’s purpose, but another part of me thinks that the biscuit wants to be alive, in the packet, with his friends. Maybe he has a sweetheart biscuit. I will have to eat her too.

This upsets me a great deal, and I have to dunk the biscuit entirely in the tea, until the small bubbles stop. Then I can eat it, because this seems like a last kindness.


6 thoughts on “Crumbs #2 – From Whence the Blog gets its Name

  1. This post made me think of the little creature in “Restaurant at the End of the Universe.” The waiters bring it out and the little thing actually asks to be eaten. And does a little dance, I believe.

    • ‘I’ll go and kill myself now, sir. Don’t worry, I’ll be very humane.’
      I don’t recall reading about it dancing, but that has improved the imagined scene tenfold. Thanks for the follow!

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